Back to school with Novakid!
With us, your child will start the school year well and you will save!
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Learn from anywhere
Classes are held through the platform on our website - you do not need to download or install any applications. You just need a stable internet, a camera and a microphone.
Lessons with virtual tours
During the lesson, we will take your child on trips, where you and your teachers will get to know the best museums and galleries in the world.
Learning through play
Each class is part of a great adventure! Interesting, songs and rhymes, and more than 800 games that prove to be a tool for practicing grammar, vocabulary and revision - all this is waiting for your child in Novakid!
How to take advantage of the promotion?
Copy code Sep10
To take advantage of the promotion, just enter the discount code - Sep10
You get a 10% discount on your first purchase
After copying the code, go to the form by pressing the "Take advantage of the promotion" button!
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Enter the code in the "Code from a friend" field, choose the date that suits you ... and it's ready!
How it works?
At Novakid, we deliver results
Our teaching method does not include a system of punishments and rewards. Children learn effectively but through play. Individual and empathetic approach to teachers, that children are delighted with the classes and achieve amazing results.
We have already completed over 100,000 lessons.
Provide a better future for your child!
Become part of the Novakid family!


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